City of Bishop, California


Earthquake Warning California

  • The City of Bishop urges residents and businesses to be earthquake prepared with EarthquakeWarningCA. Visit to learn more about no-cost tools and resources that can provide a few seconds warning to take cover.
  • EarthquakeWarningCA tools can help you be one step ahead of an earthquake by warning you several seconds before shaking starts through your mobile device. Download the MyShake App, or enable AndroidEarthquakeAlerts (for Android) or WEAs.
  • Remember, for EarthquakeWarningCA mobile notifications like the MyShake App and AndroidEarthquakeAlerts to work, location settings must be set to “always on” so that ground sensors can connect to nearby users and warn them to take cover.
  • Earthquakes can strike at any time. Thanks to EarthquakeWarningCA, you can receive a few moments of warning before shaking can be felt by humans. Visit to learn more.
  • EarthquakeWarningCA includes no-cost tools to warn Californians to take cover before an earthquake, including the MyShake App, AndroidEarthquakeAlerts, and WEAs. Find out more at
  • DYK - In addition to warning tools, EarthquakeWarningCA also has fact sheets and toolkits to help individuals, families, and workplaces be prepared. Check out
  • What should you do if you receive an earthquake warning through the MyShake App, AndroidEarthquakeAlert, or WEA while at home? Immediately find a sturdy object to drop under, take cover, and hold on to. Visit
  • What should you do if you receive an EarthquakeWarningCA warning while driving? Safely slow your car, pull over in a safe spot (not under an overpass or bridge), put the car in park, and cover your head and neck with your arms. Learn more:

Natural disasters, like earthquakes, happen unexpectedly and can create major disruptions that last long after the event is over. Emergency situations may force individuals and families to quickly find shelter or evacuate from their homes, workplaces, or other settings. By being prepared and planning ahead, Californians can quickly take life-saving actions to keep them safe in an earthquake. It’s important for all households and businesses in the city of Bishop to prepare a disaster plan; identify safe spots to take cover in places where they live, work, and play; familiarize themselves with emergency escape routes; develop a communication plan; and have an emergency supply kit readily available.

To ensure all Californians are earthquake prepared, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) developed Earthquake Warning California, which is the nation’s first statewide earthquake warning system that provides several seconds of warning to mobile device users in the area before shaking occurs. Earthquake Warning California offers no-cost earthquake warning resources, including:

  • MyShake App. A mobile app that can be downloaded for mobile devices at no-cost from Google Play the Apple App Store. App location services must be set to “always on” so that ground sensors can alert those in the nearby area when shaking is detected.
  • Android Earthquake Alerts. An earthquake warning system available to any new or updated Android devices that uses that same technology as the MyShake App.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs). Text-like messages from the government during emergency situations. This includes: Presidential, Imminent Threat (fire, earthquake, floods, etc.), and AMBER alerts.

Earthquake Warning California resources are designed to notify users to quickly take protective action such as to drop, cover, and hold on. These earthquake warning tools can help protect lives and prevent damage to properties in the areas hardest hit during an earthquake. During serious shaking situations, individuals may be knocked down to the ground, so sheltering prior to shaking is the prudent thing to do.

To learn more about Earthquake Warning California, the no-cost warning alert tools, and additional resources available to the public, visit

A community that prepares together can diminish the catastrophic impact of a major earthquake. Subscribe to Earthquake Warning California newsletter on the website to receive campaign toolkits, graphics, and the latest news & updates, or email: