City of Bishop, California


North Sierra Highway Water Line Project

Public Works News Release

North Sierra Highway Water Line Project

The City of Bishop would first like to express its thanks for the genuine concern by the public over the cottonwood tree that is slated to be removed to accommodate the new North Sierra Water Line Project. From listening and responding to these concerns the City would like to assure everyone that a mitigation plan has been formed. The City will plant 3 new trees of the large size variety. The exact species of tree will be determined with help from the public. With the construction of the water line, we will be able to also include an irrigation system for the trees. The City will also place a new bench near the new trees that eventually will become a shady resting point along the path. We will strive to plant the new trees and place the bench very near the site of the cottonwood. Most likely it will be a little to the south to make more centrally located on the path. The City fully intends to make these improvements as soon as construction of the new water main is complete (late April or early May)

We would again like to thank each and every person who expressed concerns and participated in this mitigation effort. We look forward to making this project a winner for all of the citizens of Bishop.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at or 760-873-8458.