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The city’s water system produces and delivers water for consumption, irrigation, and fire suppression from three wells through almost 22 miles of water mains to about 1,100 service accounts, including some outside of the city limits.  Average consumption varies from about 740,000 gallons per day during the winter to about 2.6 million gallons per day during the summer.  All the water is pumped out of the ground, most by one of the 2 production wells.  The third well is a standby well kept in that status due to high fluoride levels.  Even though all the water is pumped, it is still relatively inexpensive.  The fee structure is flat rate and per capita usage is high.  There are political and potential legal issues with water meters.  Water quality and taste is excellent even though the water is lightly chlorinated.  Most of the system is in good condition although there are old deteriorated and undersized pipes in some areas.  Many aspects of the water system have been automated.  Beginning in July 2013, water rates are $34 per month for a single family residence.

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