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The city’s sewer system collects, treats, and disposes of wastewater for most of the city.  The collection system consists of 16 miles of pipe and one lift station.  There is a part of the city that is too low for the city’s collection system to serve.  This part of the city is handled by the Easter Sierra Community Services District (ESCSD) under agreement.  The ESCSD treatment plant and the city’s treatment plant are adjacent to one another.  Cooperation between the city and the ESCSD is extremely important to the city.  Flow to the city plant averages about 800,000 gallons per day which is about half of the 1.6 million gallon per day capacity.  Treated or “reclaimed” waste water from the city plant is disposed on a 40 acre leased pasture owned by the City of Bishop and 85 acres of leased pasture owned by the City of Los Angeles.  Most of the system is in fair condition with deteriorated and broken pipes in some areas.  Much of the equipment and facilities at the plant is antiquated and in need of upgrade or replacement.  Beginning in July 2013, sewer rates are $29.30 per month for a single family residence.

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