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Homeland Security

Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for the Unexpected

The attacks on the World Trade Center as well as the war in Iraq have left many people concerned about the possibility of more incidents here in the U.S. These concerns can be met with preparation so that in the event something does happen, we can deal with it in a quick and decisive manner. The same preparation can enable us to be ready for ecological disasters, such as earthquakes.

Being prepared for emergencies is an essential part of our life today in the United States. Each citizen can take steps to be more prepared for emergency events that will reduce the amount of stress you have and reassure your family.

Print this emergency preparedness checklist from the American Red Cross:
Build a Disaster Kit    Checklist is ©Copyright The American National Red Cross. All Rights Reserved.

“What do I do if an emergency occurs?”

  • Remain calm and think before you act.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and how they may have changed.
  • Have a family plan on what you are going to do in the event of an emergency (meeting place, times, etc.)
  • Stay informed by listening to your local radio station or watching TV for instructions and information.
  • Stay indoors in most circumstances or seek shelter in a safe place.
  • If an evacuation is ordered, remain calm and closely follow the instructions of local officials who will be directing you
  • Do not leave your sheltered location or return to the evacuated area until you are instructed to do so by local officials.

Here are some downloadable guides that you can use to make yourself more informed and therefore better prepared for an emergency.