City of Bishop, California


Volunteer Information



Being a volunteer emergency responder is a rewarding experience and an extraordinary way to serve your community. It takes compassion, dedication, sacrifice, leadership, and mental/physical stamina.

Bishop Volunteers give their time to help those in the community.  Being a firefighter is challenging, exciting, fun, and most of all, rewarding.  Accomplishing huge tasks as a team brings a large sense of self satisfaction that keeps our members coming to the aid of others every day.
Firefighting is hazardous, and new members can expect that it will take some time to learn the trade. The first three months at Bishop is an evaluation period.  This allows for the prospective firefighter to truly evaluate their want to pursue this endeavor.  This period also allows current firefighters to see if you’ll integrate into the team.

After this period, you’ll have a short interview on why you want to be a Bishop firefighter and there will be a membership vote.  From there, you’ll have a background check, a fit for duty doctor’s physical, and a firefighter physical ability test.

When this is finished, you’ll get personnel protective equipment assigned to you. This is where   your training begins. Initial education is a hybrid of on-line classes, lectures, hands-on drills, and on the job training.  There’s lots to learn, and this process takes close to a year.
It is an exciting time at Bishop Fire and we are actively recruiting new volunteers to fill our ranks. We are especially looking for new members in the West Bishop neighborhoods to help staff Station 2 by Manor Market.

For more information about becoming a Bishop volunteer firefighter:

• Call Fire Headquarters at (760) 873-5485
• Email Chief Dell at
• Come to any training or meeting located on our calendar
• Visit to begin the application process