City of Bishop, California


About Bishop

Watch these videos to get a feel for beautiful Bishop and the Eastern Sierra:

The City of Bishop is a small city in the spectacular Eastern Sierra region of California.  The Eastern Sierra region is about the middle of the state along its eastern border with Nevada and about halfway between Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks.  Bishop – originally called Bishop Creek – is located on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada along the banks of the creek that is its namesake.  Bishop sits at an elevation of about 4,100 feet while just a few miles away in either direction peaks tower to 14,000 feet, giving Bishop a truly spectacular setting.  Bishop is a small city with a big back yard!

Bishop’s setting is an irresistible draw to outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and businesses alike.  Bishop is world famous for its scenery, hiking, fishing, climbing, hunting, bakeries, and for its mules.  Every Memorial Day Bishop hosts Mule Days complete with the worlds largest non-motorized parade down Main Street.

Although it is a small city, Bishop and its surrounding area is the primary commercial and population hub in the region and the only incorporated city in Inyo County.  Primary industries include tourism and recreation, government, and related support services.  On a busy day, the City of Bishop will attract in excess of 30,000 visitors for various events and recreation.  Mining, agriculture, and Native American heritage are also important to making Bishop what it is.

Although Bishop’s modern economy thrives, it is unique among desirable small communities because it stays much like it has for decades – a great place to visit, to live, and to work.

The City of Bishop covers slightly less than two square miles and is governed by a five member City Council, including a mayor and mayor pro-tem.  It accomplishes its duties through five main departments:  police, fire, administration, community services, and public works.
Bishop welcomes citizen inquiry and involvement in all city activities.  It strives to encourage this inquiry and involvement through this web site.