State of the City

This is information from the City of Bishop Department of Public Works for the 2012 State of the City presentation. This highlights the responsibilities of Public Works, its organization, its staff, and accomplishments of the last two years and takes a quick look into the future.


With a few exceptions, the Department of Public Works performs all public works and most planning functions for the city including water, sewer, streets, building permitting and inspection, management, and planning staff functions.

Public Works is staffed with 10 full time employees.  There is one vacant part time field position that is only filled when needed and there is one office student intern position that is filled seasonally. Three of the full time Public Works staff work at City Hall and the other seven full time staff work out of the Public Works Shop.

Public Works manages six program budgets, co-manages one program budget, and manages about 20 project budgets. Two of the program budgets are enterprise funds – the water and sewer programs – and the remaining program budgets are essentially part of the city’s General Fund. The project budgets are typically funded or reimbursed from outside sources such as State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) funds.

The annual water and sewer budgets are about $1 million each including capital improvements.  The annual General Funds budgets together total about $600,000.  The project budgets within any one year together total between $1 and $3 million depending on the projects active at a particular time.  Most projects are multi year and the sum of the total of projects in all the fiscal years is between $5 and $10 million.

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