Volunteer Information

Bishop Fire Department 1957DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?
Being a volunteer emergency responder is a rewarding experience and an extraordinary way to serve your community. It takes dedication, sacrifice, leadership, and mental/physical stamina.

Throughout Inyo County, citizens and current firefighters are at risk because of the lack of volunteer firefighters to adequately protect people and property from fire and fire-related hazards. As call volume increases, more departments depend on volunteer firefighters.

With departments experiencing increasingly high rates of volunteer turnover, Inyo County needs your help now more than ever.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer emergency responder, please submit a volunteer application form and a representative from your area will contact you about the local volunteer program.

Serve Your Community.
Become a Volunteer Firefighter

For more information, see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.
Q: Do I have to live in the volunteer department’s district?
A: Yes. Some exception may apply, but in general you must live within the department’s district. Some departments may require that you live in the area for a minimum of one year prior to volunteering.

Q: Are there ongoing training requirements after the initial training?
A: Yes. There is both mandatory and optional training provided year round.

Q: What if I work during the day?
A: Many of our volunteers have full-time jobs yet still find it rewarding to serve the community as a firefighter. We are flexible with the time that you commit.

Q: How many calls does a typical volunteer respond to each month?
A: It varies depending on what district you live in. On average you can expect to dedicate between 20-40 hours a month.

Q: What if something happens to me?
A: You are covered by our insurance. Please contact your local department for further information.

Q: What will the training and supplies cost me?
A: There is no cost to you. All necessary equipment, supplies and materials are paid for by the department.

Q: Do volunteers receive any sort of compensation?
A: Benefits are available to those who participate. Benefits and requirements will be explained during your membership interview.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement?
A: Yes, 18 years old with a clean record.

Q: What is the typical time commitment once I’m a trained volunteer?
A: Time requirements vary by department. Time commitment will depend on several factors, such as the number of calls the department receives, training requirements, shift versus on-call structure, and community activities in which the department requires vol

Q: How do I volunteer?
A: Contact your local fire district.